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Why Is IPv6 Essentail to Internet Users? - 2018
Answer: Until 2013, the world was afraid to leave the available computer addresses. Thanks, the crisis was stopped because the extended form of computer addressing was manifest. You can see that every device connected to the internet needs a serial number which is essential on the street sign as well as any legal car. License plate is limited to 6 or 8 characters. This is a mathematical limit for the number of addresses possible for internet devices.

The old Internet addressing system was called "Internet Protocol, Version 4" (IPv4) and has successfully ranked Internet computers for many years. IPv4 uses the maximum calculated 32-bit digits of a maximum of 4.3 billion possible addresses.

An example of an IPv4 address:
Example of IPv4 address: 16,202,228,105

Well, the 4.3 billion address seems to be enough, we were ready to leave the address by the beginning of 2013. Most computers, cell phones, iPads, printers, playstation and soda machines also require an IP address, IPv4 is not enough.

Good news: Now a new Internet addressing system has been organized that meets our needs for more computer addresses. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is used worldwide and an expanded addressing system will set the IPv4 range. You see, IPv6 uses 128 bits instead of 32 bits for its address, which makes possible 3.4 x 10 ^ 38 possible addresses (which is trillion trillion or "unnecessary", which is unusually large number). These trillion new IPv6 addresses will complete the future internet demand.

Example IPv6 Address: 3FF: 1900: 4545: 3: 200: F8F: Fees 21: 67cc
Example IPv6 address: 21dD: D3: 0: 2F3B: 2AA: FF: FF 28: 9C5A

When is the world switched across IPv6?

Answer: The world has started adopting IPv6, Google and Facebook's main web sites were officially changed by June 2012. Other organizations make changes more slowly than others. There is a lot of overhead required to increase the address of each potential device, so this big switch can not be finished overnight. But it is urgent, and private and government offices are changing. Hope IPV 6 is now a universal standard and all the major modern institutions have changed.

Can I change IPv4 to IPv6 changes?

Answer: Changes are largely invisible to computer users. IPv6 sequences will be large, so you do not have to learn anything new to become a computer user, and you do not have to do anything extra to buy a computer device. If you request the old device as the owner of the old device in 2012, you may need to download specific software patches for IPv6 compatibility. Usually, you're buying a new computer or smartphone in 2013, and the IPv6 standard for you is already built-in.

In short, the IPv6 switch of IPV4 was either dramatic or scary compared to the Y2 that was infected. It's a good technical thing to get acquainted with, but there is no risk of losing access to the Internet due to an IP addressing problem. Due to the IPv4 infection from IPv4, your computer life should be absolutely seamless. For general computer life, just use "IPv6" to speak louder

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